Aimpoint® Flip-up Front Lens Cover, Black - Micro/CompM5


For CompM5™ and 2nd generation of Micro™
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  • Fits: CompM5™ series & Micro™ series of sights
  • Solid/Black protective cover
  • Weight .1oz
  • Slides over front lens of compatible sight for added protection
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Product Details

The Aimpoint® Flip-Up Front Lens Cover is a solid black cover made with rugged plastic - providing additional protection to the Aimpoint sight lenses. This product fits front lenses of the CompM5™ series (CompM5/M5s/M5b) and 2nd generation of Micro™ series (H-2/T-2) sight models. The solid cover allows the user to shoot with both eyes open and lens caps closed in an emergency situation. It provides protection against scratches, lent, dust, or sand that may accumulate on the lens and also reduces any signature indication. Installation is fast and easy - the pliable material slides over the front lens of the sight for a perfect, snug fit. 

The Aimpoint® CompM5 Series and Micro T-2 sights come standard with the Flip-Up Front Lens Cover installed on the sight. (**Note: The Aimpoint® Micro H-2 sight comes standard with a transparent Flip-Up Front Lens Cover already installed.)

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