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An Authorized Aimpoint Dealer is recognized as a merchant offering the highest quality of red dot reflex optics in the world. Aimpoint are sights represent the best in quality, service, and innovation.

Merchants who become Authorized Aimpoint Dealers are recognized throughout the world as retailers providing the highest quality products and service. As the originator of red dot sighting technology, Aimpoint has dominated the market category for over 45 years.

Aimpoint optics are combat proven and trusted by elite military forces and professional hunters worldwide. From hunting to competition to patrol duty – Aimpoint sights provide the optimal solution for speed, accuracy, and reliability.

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Aimpoint trusted by military

About Aimpoint

In 1974, Aimpoint pioneered the first electronic red dot reflex sight for use by hunters and sport shooters. Today, Aimpoint products are trusted by military and professional agencies around the world - and continue to be the top choice of hunters and competitive shooters.

Aimpoint red dot sights for professional use

Trusted by Military and LE

Aimpoint is the worldwide leader & originator of the red dot reflex sighting technology. For decades, the United States Armed Forces and Law Enforcemeny agencies have chosen Aimpoint.