General Recommendations


Lens Covers

Always keep lens covers closed whenever the sight is not in use, learn how to clean Aimpoint sight lenses HERE.


Check the battery in the sight occasionally during the years of use, to avoid leakage that can be harmful to the sight.

Quick Guides

Aimpoint Quick Guide Videos with visual step by step handling and maintenance instructions can be seen here.


Make sure you are using a mount of high-quality if the sight you have bought is sold without mounting solutions. A poor-quality mount can affect the accuracy of your optic. Aimpoint offers a complete line of high-quality mounts adapted for each sight. Available Aimpoint mounts for the different red dot sight models are presented on each product page and can also be found in the Product Finder using the filters: Mount and Sight Model.


Once you have mounted your sight on the weapon, it is time to zero it. Aimpoint® sights are easy to zero and there are two different ways to choose from do it. Zeroing instructions for are available via the page can be found here: How to Zero your sight.


When you start using your Aimpoint® sight you can improve your shooting enormously with a few easy exercises. Visit the page Improve your shooting for more information.