ACRO® P-2 Transparent Front Flip-Up Lens Cover


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  • Fits Aimpoint® Acro P-2 sights mounted on a rifle, shotgun, or carbine.
  • Transparent flip-up front lens cover.
  • Allows the user to shoot even when the lens cover is closed.
  • Protects the lens from dust, dirt, water, and debris.
  • Eliminates scratch risk during storage and transport.
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Product Details

The Flip-up Front Lens Cover slides over the front end of the Acro P-2 sight for added lens protection. The cover is durable rubber and the lid has a spring-loaded flip-up mechanism and snap closure. The cover easily flips open and out of the way effortlessly when needed and closes tightly with a snap. The use of lens covers protect lenses from scratches and keep the optic free from dust and debris during transport and storage. The flip-up function provides fast access to rain free and clean lenses when sight is in use, once it’s open the lid stays up until it’s manually closed again.

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