Retired – United States Coast Guard Chief
Brunswick, GA

After spending 25 years in the USCG, Duane “Buck” Buckner is now the U.S. Director of Training for Aimpoint. The Aimpoint Training Division conducts training courses for military and law enforcement agencies up to the Federal level as well as for the prepared civilian. Buck is widely known for his emphasis on brain psychology as it relates to combat and survival.

About DUANE "Buck" Buckner 

Prior to retiring in southeast Georgia, Duane “Buck” Buckner spent 25 years in the United States Coast Guard. He retired as a Maritime Enforcement Specialist Chief in the Deployable Specialized Forces (DSF) conducting missions globally. Since his time in service, he has worked independently as a firearms instructor with a heavy emphasis on brain psychology as it relates to combat and survival. Buck is now the Director of U.S. Training for Aimpoint and carries over his interest in how humans interact with their equipment into his style of instructing.


Aimpoint exhausts a great deal of engineering effort into creating unparalleled reliability. Buck’s focus for Aimpoint Professional Training is to continue that reputation outside of the optic and into the user interface. Aimpoint Professional Training serves a wide variety of customers but focuses largely on professional end users. Police departments, military, and government clientele represent the lion’s share of his efforts.


An avid ultramarathon runner, Buck also enjoys a warm cup of coffee, dissecting and constructing the written word, and wetting a line. For more information on his training philosophy and how it interacts with the user’s ability to make decisions, watch his short video series or check out his articles.

Aimpoint® and Buck   

“I trusted Aimpoint products with my life in my former career - now it is rewarding to be a part of the highly reliable process of training as it relates to equipment. Training is a necessary component to any pursuit of mastery, and we continue our relationship with our clients along that continuum.”
– Duane "Buck" Buckner

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