Duane "Buck" Buckner, Aimpoint's US Director of Training, describes the strength of the simple red dot in an Aimpoint sight.

Under a full Sympathetic Nervous System response, our ability to see can be somewhat compromised. We generally refer to this as “tunnel vision” or more correctly- peripheral narrowing. The brain essentially reduces the complexity of the input (in processing) to allow for faster decision making.

This faster decision making serves us by allowing us to focus on a simple plan (Run, Fight). The lore surrounding this would have us believe that our body just sheds skill and becomes blind and deaf. It is critical to understand what is happening so that we can properly support the effort with tools and tactics.

An uncomplicated reticle presents itself easily to a brain that has no desire (and a reduced capacity) to process anything but gross information, largely related to the threat. When we try to force the issue and employ complex tools (particularly without a substantial amount of training), we create a problem for a system over which we have little control. The result is a confusion of effort.

In the context of optics, we usually bring our focus off of the threat or target and put it on the reticle. This has our brain problem solving in the wrong place. It also robs us of other, very important considerations…like moving.

The old adage “Keep it simple, stupid” has a real home in this discussion. Simplicity wins, complexity kills. A simple red dot gives the brain all that it needs to maintain a downrange focus. Keep it simple…. a robust, reliable red dot.



Posted by Duane Buckner, Aimpoint US Director of Training on Nov 18th 2021