- Duane "Buck" Buckner with Telluric Training explains shooting with an occluded optic.  Aimpoint sights allow you to get a good sight picture even with the lens caps closed. 


Aimpoint optics have lens covers that protect the sight from damage when in hard use. Though the objective covers are solid and cannot be seen through, the optic may still be used to develop an aiming solution on the intended target.

When an Aimpoint optic is employed, the shooter should keep both eyes open, focused on the target. This feeds information to the brain in a way that it is accustomed to as well as confers some advantage should the optic become occluded or remain covered by the lens cover.

When a shooter presents the weapon and the objective lens of the Aimpoint optic is covered, the brain is presented with the problem of conflicting pictures from either eye. In order to make some sense of this, the brain merges the information and develops a consolidated image. This image is reliable and can be used to develop an aiming solution.

Occluded optic shooting is much less difficult than most would consider, in fact our visual process does it without much thought at all.

Posted by Duane Buckner on Jan 20th 2021