Aimpoint invented not only red dot sighting technology, but the company also invented trust in your aiming solution. Aimpoint insisted their optics be those you can trust, so that they are valuable tools (implements) versus hindrances to your performance or mental capacity (impediments).

Critical Equipment: Why You Should Choose Aimpoint

By: Duane “Buck” Buckner

There is a class of equipment that will always be considered critical. This is usually because it directly effects the success or failure of the endeavor, or mission. Those that rely on this type of equipment will take great care in its choosing. In most cases it helps to form the backbone of the individual’s capability. Consider that for a moment. These are tools that make the user better – not just because they do their job well, but because they inspire enough trust that the person relying on them can think about other things – never allowing a doubt to enter their mind when time and capacity counts the most.

Elegant and Robust

One of their chief hallmarks is that they integrate flawlessly into a process that has been defined and refined through training. This means that the gear needs to be elegant in its interface with the user and robust to the point of making failure an unlikely and remote possibility.

The benefit to the user then, is trust.

Apply This Logic to Aimpoint Sights

Aimpoint sights are made to be critical equipment. This is why professional users have insisted on them for decades. It’s also why their rugged reliability has become legendary in the same communities. They are simple, they work all the time, and they require little of the user to produce the intended result. Under all reasonable circumstances… and sometimes well beyond… they do their job.

Most of us have stories or at least have heard them, about an Aimpoint sight being subjected to an enormous amount of torture and still producing that confident, little red glow. The dot. Still holding up its part of the bargain. What does that mean?

It means you can trust it. No matter where you go…it’s coming with you.

In a world of work that offers few comforts, this is definitely one of them. Knowing that the sight on my rifle, pistol, or shotgun will be there when I ask it to be, is difficult to understate or undervalue. When I present the pistol equipped with an Acro P-2 sight from my holster, I think little of the gun. I keep my focus on the target knowing that the red dot will show up if I do my part.

Confidence is required. Trust is required.

This is no place to compromise. Your aiming process is critical. Trusting the equipment that is tasked in that process, is critical.

Why buy an Aimpoint sight? Because it’s Critical Equipment…it’s designed that way.

Author Bio

Duane “Buck” Buckner

After spending 25 years in the USCG, Duane “Buck” Buckner is now the U.S. Director of Training for Aimpoint. The Aimpoint Training Division conducts training courses for military and law enforcement agencies up to the Federal level as well as for the prepared civilian. Buck is widely known for his emphasis on brain psychology as it relates to combat and survival.



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